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Hi, I’m Saright and over the past years as a digital marketer, We’ve realized many businesses experienced several common problems.

  • Losing to local dominant competitors.
  • Overpriced CPL.
  • An unstabilize sales process ruining potential closing deals,
  • And the most disturbing part… wasted thousands of dollars on vendors who didn’t deliver, right down the drain.

Sounds familiar? I’ll tell ya…it even made it harder for us to sell SEO because of that. Business owners were getting SEO shoved down their throat every day from many(including across the globe) agencies for quick bucks.

Running a business has one of the highest failure rates in the country. Twenty percent across the nation fail, while 70 percent fail in their first year of operation. Just from that, most business owners don’t have the patience for SEO especially when they’re on the verge of closing their doors.

So I decided to take on a different approach and differentiated myself from the rest of the pack and come up with a better solution. 

After researching and developing, I discovered a groundbreaking solution for local businesses that don’t have to deal with the common mistakes we often see continuously.

We’ve eliminated the complexity most owners had in their business by implementing a systematic process that improves their sales process to close more high-ticket deals.

On top of that, we send exclusive high-ticket leads to qualified businesses, which means no more chasing or competing for a single lead. We even slashed the high Cost Per Lead many roofing contractors were paying, which allowed us to send guaranteed leads every month.

As a high-ticket growth specialist, We’re looking to have more successful cases and help them refine their process with an end-to-end closed-loop analysis solution

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